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Petite Maternity Fashion Lessons with Kim Kardashian

A Fashion Icon and Petite Maternity Clothes

Despite her large stature in media, you may be aware that Kim Kardashian stands only 5 feet 2 inches tall.

Of course, she's also a perennial fashion icon. So it comes as no surprise that, when dressing her short frame during her two pregnancies, Kim got a whole lot of things right, and her maternity style now graces myriad "maternity roundup" lists of notable fashion pubications. Here's what we short mamas-to-be can learn from Ms. Kardashian's petite maternity style. 

1. Go for clean, simple lines

Black Boardroom Nursing Dress  Boardroom Maternity & Nursing Dress 

A shorter frame can be easily overwhelmed by billowy cuts and large details like ruffles or puffy sleeves. Your growing belly is your statement detail for the next few months; keep the rest of it simple and timeless. We love Kim's classic short sleeve fitted black maternity dress. For a nursing-friendly workwear version, shop MARION's black Boardroom Maternity & Nursing Dress, shown on a 5'2" model. 

2. Think structured and classic

 buttondown maternity blouse  White Collar Maternity & Nursing Blouse

What could be more flattering than a beautifully cut buttondown maternity blouse paired with a classic maternity pencil skirt? Kim effortlessly carries off this petite maternity outfit. MARION's version is shown here on a 5'2" petite model. 

3. Choose empire waists whenever you can

Empire Waists Dress  Sarah Empire Maternity & Nursing Dress

Empire waists are an exceptionally flattering and versatile petite maternity style during pregnancy and recovery. From Trimester 1 bloating to 9 month Full-Watermelon status, empire waist maternity dresses and tops will grow (and shrink) with you. Choose classic neutrals and quality fabrics. MARION's gorgeous Petite Sarah Empire Dress in beige is shown here on a 5"2' petite model. 

4. Solids are your friend  

.Mustard Full Body Sweater Dress  Nutmeg Full Body Sweater Dress

Few things can elongate and slim like a solid-colored ensemble that stretches nearly the full length of your body. Kim Kardashian's mustard sleeveless maternity knit dress is a fantastically effortless piece for warmer weather, and MARION's Full Body Sweater Dress in Nutmeg is its luxurious fall/winter counterpart. If anyone still believes the myth that short women can't wear long dresses, the gorgeous petite mamas pictured above certainly prove otherwise.

5. Wear black

The Sarah Petite Maternity Dress  Black Sarah Empire Maternity Dress   

We love black for a reason, mamas. It's flattering, chic, and always makes its wearer look a little extra pulled-together. Check out the gorgeous structured shoulder and asymmetrical opening on Kim Kardashian's maternity dress. The Sarah Petite Maternity Dress in TENCEL is a similarly stunning (and sustainable) style offering luxe structured shoulders and designer details for petite mamas-to-be. 

6. Own it, and no one will question it

Cyan Color Maternity Dress    












The last - and possibly most important - lesson we can take from Kim Kardashian's petite maternity wardrobe is this: Kim owns her body in all its shapes and sizes, and it pays off. We pregnant mamas so often agonize over how to hide our bellies in the awkward early months when it's not yet 100% clear that our growing belly is a baby.

But if you want to take a page from an icon - just don't hide it. When she was bloated a bit from pregnancy, but not obviously showing yet, Kim was still completely willing to flaunt her gorgeous physical assets - including her is-it-a-baby-or-a-burrito bump. Respect. 

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