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Nursing Dresses to Breastfeeding Blouses: Maternity's Next Big Fashion Upgrade

Stylish Breastfeeding Clothes are the Next Frontier in Maternity Fashion 

White Collar Blouse with pencil skirt Red Top with Long Coat

Maternity fashion has become considerably less grim in the past decade, thanks in part to the advent of designer maternity brands like MARION and A Pea in the Pod, and the inspiring pregnancy style of powerful women from Amal Clooney to Meghan Markle to Rhianna. More importantly, this change has been fueled by mamas-to-be who increasingly refuse to look like walking grocery bags during their pregnancies. 

Nude Nursing Dress, breastfeeding dress by MARION, beige maternity dresses for work. Louie Striped Knit Maternity & Mama Dress

Sarah TENCEL Maternity & Nursing Dress | Louie Striped Knit Maternity Dress

It’s now possible to buy stunning maternity dresses, tailored maternity pants, and comfy maternity leggings in premium designs and stretchy luxe fabrics. Even better, brands like MARION and Pact now offer sustainable maternity clothes mamas can feel good investing in. Maternity brands have also become more conscious of size inclusivity, offering petite maternity clothes, and plus sized maternity collections. 

Seeking Fashionable Breastfeeding Clothes 

Despite these long-overdue improvements to maternity fashion overall, breastfeeding clothes have been largely left out of the pregnancy style revolution. While our culture has begun acknowledging that pregnant women are still actual humans (albeit with a passenger on board), and still need clothes for daily life, nursing fashion continues to be almost exclusively about function. Breastfeeding dresses and nursing tops are still typically cut to LOOK like nursing and breastfeeding clothes, with large openings or zippers cut glaringly at nipple level, rendering discretion impossible. 

Nursing Tops Breastfeeding Clothes

Fortunately, brands like MARION understand nursing mamas want breastfeeding clothes that are both discreet and stylish. Sustainability conscious mamas also demand nursing designs they’ll still like wearing after breastfeeding, so they can avoid more fast fashion waste. 

Stylish Nursing Dresses 101

MARION is a stand-out brand in the breastfeeding fashion revolution because they’ve cleverly designed nearly all their maternity dresses and tops with breastfeeding openings and actually invisible nursing zippers. 

Blue Maternity & Nursing Dress  Blue Maternity Dress

MARION Into the Blue Maternity & Nursing Dress

Their line includes pieces like this gorgeous blue maternity dress with a breastfeeding opening reminiscent of Princess Kate’s iconic turquoise Emilia Wickstead dress. It features an updated full skirt (including pockets), square neckline, and sustainable fabric. 

 Madeline Tencel Empire Maternity & Nursing Dress Boardroom Maternity & Nursing Dress

Madeline TENCEL Maternity & Nursing Dress | Boardroom Maternity & Nursing Dress 

MARION’s bestselling black maternity dress, the Madeline TENCEL Empire Dress, is a stunning statement piece that effortlessly moves from professional workwear to chic dinner or babyshower dress. The teardrop v-neck zipper can be pulled up and down for breastfeeding, and to adjust the neckline. Another black maternity dress bestseller is MARION’s Boardroom Maternity & Nursing Dress with (actually) invisible nursing zippers sewn into the dress’ flattering princess seams. Both the Madeline and the Boardroom are made with sustainable fabrics and the Madeline boasts deep, useful pockets (swoon). 

 Nutmeg Full Body Maternity Sweater Dress Full Body Maternity Sweater Dress

Full Body Maternity Sweater Dress | Nutmeg & Black 

The maternity sweater dress has always been a go-to for pregnant mamas because of its comfort and bump chic stretch, but we’ve never before seen a knit maternity dress that is both stylish and nursing friendly. MARION’s Full Body Sweater Dress changed that, with a back zipper that allows nursing mamas to easily unzip, pull down the dress front, and nurse without getting undressed. See their video for a demonstration - I really needed this dress when I was nursing!  

Chic Breastfeeding Blouses & Discreet Nursing Tanks

Little Black Maternity & Nursing Tank Ashley Maternity & Nursing Tank, Bamboo

Little Black Maternity & Nursing Tank | Ashley Bamboo Maternity & Nursing Tank

MARION’s line also includes a hard-to-find nursing tank with a double layer of premium bamboo fabric. The top layer looks like a regular tank top (no scrunchy sides), while the hidden second layer features convenient breastfeeding openings. The cool-touch of the fabric makes it comfortable in hot weather, and the double layer provides flattering coverage so often missing in breastfeeding tops. Best of all, it’s super tuckable, making it fantastic as a “regular” top after maternity and nursing are over. 

Nursing Blouse | Maternity & Breastfeeding Blouses | MARION White Nursing Blouse | Maternity & Breastfeeding Blouses | MARION

Elizabeth Maternity & Nursing Blouse | White Collar TENCEL Nursing Blouse

For a classic, effortless breastfeeding blouse, it’s almost impossible to beat the Elizabeth Maternity & Nursing Blouse and the White Collar Maternity & Nursing Button Down, both by MARION. Made with sustainable, cool-touch premium TENCEL fabric, these effortless tops drape beautifully over a 9-month bump and a postpartum tummy. Their petite maternity size options mean short mamas can finally find maternity & nursing blouses that don’t hang to their knees. 

Maternity & Nursing Suit by MARION | Breastfeeding Suit Top Paired with Maternity Pencil Skirt. Maternity & Nursing Suit by MARION | Breastfeeding Suit Top Paired with Maternity Pencil Skirt.

Sloan Maternity Suit Top in Navy or Black | Paired with Sloan Maternity Pencil Skirt

If you’re a mama who needs a maternity suit, MARION’s Sloan Maternity & Nursing Suit Top (made to pair with the Sloan Maternity Pencil Skirt or Favorite Maternity Work Pants) will be your absolute salvation. The Sloan is a structured, flattering maternity suit top made with Italian designer suiting fabric. Its empire waist cut is unfailingly flattering before, during, and after pregnancy. Nursing moms can use the two size zippers or the convenient front flap for breastfeeding and pumping, whether on a meeting break or courtroom recess. The Sloan is also offered in standard and petite maternity sizes, with extended sizes coming soon. 

The Future of Breastfeeding Fashion

With so many working and fashion-conscious mamas choosing to nurse for long periods of time after pregnancy, the need for stylish breastfeeding clothes is here to stay - and it will only grow. It’s no wonder brands like MARION are commanding such a strong and expanding customer base. We hope that other fashion brands will take note, and begin to carry lines with close attention to nursing mama’s fashion needs.


Shop MARION maternity online at and Figure 8 Moms. Shop MARION in person at Nest Maternity in San Francisco and Wine Moms Baby Boutique in Salado, Texas. 



Author BioJoy O’Renick lives with her husband and young sons on a mini farm in Oregon where she and her family grow food and host board game nights. Joy is a longtime teacher, principal, and education executive. In 2022, she launched MARION out of a desire to empower working moms and limit pregnancy discrimination in the professional world. Joy is a frequent contributing author at Motherly. Joy is a founding member of a Bailamos, a Latin Dance nonprofit, a member of the Emerge Oregon Board of Directors, and a former foster parent and mentor for Big Brothers, Big Sisters. She holds a B.A. in English Literature and a Master’s Degree in Education & Educational Leadership. 

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