Lawyer mama wearing MARION maternity and nursing Boardroom black dress, made of sustainable stretch suiting material.

MARION in the News, 8/5/22

From Elucid Magazine: 

MARION - effortlessly chic maternity workwear

MARION is made to empower pregnant women to continue looking effortlessly confident and stylish at the office during every stage of maternity. The founder Joy O’Renick, both a boss and a mama, noticed the lack of clothing for pregnant women in higher career levels as she wanted to continue working as a longtime school principal and education director during her first pregnancy. She states, "When I became pregnant with my first son, I started searching for maternity work clothes, expecting to continue looking like my professional self during pregnancy. Instead, what I found was often much too casual, fit poorly, and was typically made of cheap, see-through material. I quickly realized that quality maternity workwear for women didn't exist in the mass market."

Combining the needs of professional clothing and maternity clothing is Joy’s main mission, seeing that the availability of a professional wardrobe for pregnant women is a must as women are rising to higher career levels and often wait until later to start their families. Thus, the clothing is made for both pregnant and breastfeeding women, and almost all MARION styles, for example, the Melissa Boardroom Dress and the Sloan Maternity Suit, come with invisible nursing access. At the same time, the workwear is formal enough to wear in court, during meetings, and on many other chic occasions.

MARION self-identifies as a brand for “Maternity & Mama” because its designs look like regular clothing and can fit right into an after-pregnancy wardrobe. The philosophy of MARION is as well rooted in sustainability and quality: Natural fibers, recycled materials, or both are primarily used during the production, and this sustainability carries on after the production as well, with carbon-neutral shipping and 100% compostable and natural shipping containers with each order. MARION is as well in the process of partnering with Hemster to provide one complimentary professional alteration with every workwear purchased, thus guaranteeing an excellent fit.

That way, MARION is an excellent investment for all women in maternity, choosing a lifestyle that is environmentally conscious and effortlessly chic at the same time. Additionally to the line of maternity workwear, MARION also carries quality maternity essentials such as legging, nursing bras, and tanks - all sustainably made as well.

But this is not where the values-driven brand stops. As the founder, Joy O’Renick cares about equity and empowering women, and she wants to ensure access to maternity workwear for as many women as possible. This is why MARION offers both petite and standard length styles with the plan to increase size offerings with each collection. Additionally to that, a part of the profits MARION makes is donated to women’s healthcare and girls’ education worldwide. To help lower-income women to access professional maternity wear, MARION is working on a buy-back program with which MARION styles can be bought at a discounted rate. Furthermore, the clothing is made with breathable luxury fabrics that make all women feel confident and empowered but also comfortable during and after their pregnancy.

With MARION, Joy has created a modern and timeless line that allows pregnant or breastfeeding women to remain present and competitive in the professional world. The brand fills the void of quality workwear for maternity & mama and is dedicated to meeting both feminity and power in their designs, but of course, the garments are fitting for many occasions outside of work as well. MARION is created with the power of every woman in mind.





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