Pregnant Lawyer Edit - Courtroom Friendly Maternity Work Clothes

The Pregnant Lawyer Edit - 2 Weeks of Courtroom Friendly Maternity Clothes

Maternity Clothes for the Courtroom

Have you ever wondered where pregnant lawyers find clothes to wear to work? Even the fashion industry has largely ignored this question, as evidenced by the scores of Reddit posts from expecting attorneys asking for tips on where to find a maternity suit - any maternity suit. Boss mama blog Corporette has an incredible cache of working mom fashion tips, and they strike an almost apologetic tone in their article about where to find maternity suits. Their summary: there isn't much out there, JD Mama. 

This is a real problem, as a pregnant lawyer can find her professional reputation and status undermined (even silently) when she can't dress in her usual formal style at work, though through no fault of her own. It's the motherhood penalty at work, long before there's a baby in sight. 

MARION has taken this problem head-on, producing a high quality line of courtroom friendly maternity work clothes, including courtroom friendly maternity pencil skirts, maternity suit tops with nursing access, button down maternity blouses, maternity & nursing dresses, and pregnancy suit pants. Our goal is to make dressing for work as simple and flattering for pregnant lawyers as possible.

Introducing MARION's love letter to mama lawyers: 2 weeks worth of effortless maternity workwear outfits for attorneys. The best news, we didn't exhaust all your possible combos, leaving you even more options to combine the capsule pieces below into a whole pregnancy's worth of courtroom days. 


MARION Pregnant Lawyer Edit 

(Just Add Your Open-Front Black Blazer)

Maternity Work Clothes - Pregnant Lawyer Edit

Buy Week 1:

Monday: Sarah Empire Maternity & Nursing Dress (with pockets).

Tuesday: Sloan Maternity Pencil Skirt & Sloan Maternity Suit Top.

Wednesday: Elizabeth TENCEL Maternity & Nursing Blouse & Maternity Pencil Skirt.

Thursday: Boardroom Maternity & Nursing Dress.

Friday: (Same as Above - Elizabeth Blouse) & Accouchee Maternity Jeans

Maternity Work Wear | Pregnant Lawyer Edit

Buy Week 2: 

Monday: Sloan Maternity Suit Top & Favorite Maternity Work Pants

Tuesday: White Collar TENCEL Maternity BlouseSloan Maternity Pencil Skirt.

Wednesday: Into the Blue Maternity & Nursing Dress.

Thursday: (Listed Above) - Sloan Suit Top & Sloan Maternity Pencil Skirt.

Friday: (Listed Above) - White Collar Blouse & Favorite Maternity Work Pants.


Maternity Workwear for Petite & Plus Sizes

In case you think we forgot you, petite or plus-size mama, we're mindful that not all pregnant lawyers are 5'9" and wear a sample size.

We offer a full collection of petite maternity clothes that includes our most formal professional maternity styles. See our best petite maternity styles here

MARION also offers several extended size options, and our plus size maternity offerings are added to with every new collection. Check out these pregnant lawyer styles with sizes up to 16:

Sloan Maternity Pencil Skirt 

Sarah Empire Maternity & Nursing Dress (with pockets)

Favorite Maternity Work Pants

Black Boardoom Maternity Dress

Into the Blue Maternity & Nursing Dress


More Courtroom Friendly Maternity Workwear

If you don't find everything your heart (and law office) desires with MARION's workwear collection, we recommend trying the following for more options:

Figure 8 Moms: Maternity Career Wear 

Corporette Guide: What to Wear to Work While Pregnant


We'd Love to Hear From You

What are your tips for courtroom friendly maternity clothes? What has your biggest wardrobe challenge been as a pregnant lawyer? 

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